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ZM-8 Accelerator (Liquids)

 I. Property 

1.Appearance: translucent or slight yellow, non-toxic, tasteless and non-ignitable . 

2.Without dust pollution of powder accelerator, largely improving the environment. 
3.Speed up the setting and hardening of concrete or mortar in a short time and increase early strength. 
II. Main technical performance
Specific indexes: 
Item Technical index
Content of chloride ions % ≤ 0.1
Total alkali content % ≤ 15
PH value 11±1
Density g/m3 1.41±0.02
Initial setting time ≤ 3min
Final setting time ≤ 12min
1d compressive strength Mpa ≥ 7
28d compressive strength ratio Mpa ≥ 75



III. Usage and precautions 
1.Recommended mixing amount: 2-5% (calculated by gelled material) 
2.The slump of pumping concrete when wet-spraying should be 100~160mm. 
3.It should be added at the rear-end of the nozzle of the jet pipe by pumping or pneumatic add device, and the additive amount can be controlled by scale knob and the slight adjustment can be achieved according to the sprayed concrete effect, rebound quantity and others. Send mixing concrete to sprayer and add liquid accelerator from outside the nozzle. 
4.Because of an adaptability problem to cement, before using it, a test on adaptability to cement for constructing should be conducted to determine the optimal mixing amount. 
5.The alkaline liquid accelerator shall not touch the skin directly. 
IV. Application scope 
This new-generation efficient multi-function accelerator is compounded by inorganic salt and organic polymer materials. It applies to the sprayed concrete construction, underwater concrete and leaking stoppage emergency engineering, etc. 
V. Package and storage 
Metal drum or plastic drum, sealed and water-proof; shelf life: 5 months. 


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