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Plastic-retaining Agent

Brief introduction 

The plastic-retaining agent is compounded by polymer materials such as organic hydroxyl salt, multielement sugar solutions and has the functions of retard, plastic-retain and water-reduction on the cement. It has a good compatibility with the superplasticizer such as naphthalene series, amino sulfonic acid series, aliphatic series and polycarboxylate series, also can be used as retarder alone. Its retarding effect is obvious before initial setting, and will increase the strength of concrete in all stages after final setting. It is the retarding efficient water-reducing agent, pumping aid at present, which is a retarding plasticity-retaining ingredient with the most ideal cost performance. 

1.Appearance: sepia liquid 
2.Active ingredient: >40% 
3.PH value: 4.5-6
4.Density: 1.15-1.30
5.Water-reducing rate: >6% 
6.Content of chloride ions: <0.5%
Technical performance 
1.It can delay the setting time for concrete, decrease the adiabatic temperature rise of concrete in the early-stage, benefiting the large-volume concrete and construction in summer. 
2.Both the stability and adaptability are superior to the wood sodium, sodium gluconate and other retarding plastic-retaining ingredients comparison. The adaptability is superior to a single ingredient with a reduction of about 60% in the economic cost. 
3.Good adaptability to various cements without corrosion on reinforcing steel bar. 
1.Common mixing amount(calculated in weight): 0.3-1.0% of the weight of the gelled material, and can be added to the mixer directly to facilitate automatic metering. However, it should be shaken up or mixed up fully before use. 
2.Measure accurately and properly prolong the mixing time to ensure its even dispersion in the concrete. 
3.Strengthen the maintenance and the covering and watering maintenance should be immediately adopted upon the final setting of the concrete. Measures such as surface covering should be adopted in winter in case of cold damage to surface. High fluidity concrete shall be subject to quadric-plastering timely in accordance with specification. 
Package and storage 
1.Plastic drum, net weight: 220kg/drum. It can also be in bulk so as to facilitate the loading, unloading and usage. 
2.Store it in a dry and cool place to prevent sunshine and rain. Shelf life: 2 years under normal conditions.

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