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Naphthalene-based series admixture

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ZM-1B Naphthalene-based Superplasticizer

This product is formed by sulphonation, hydrolyzation and condensation of crude naphthalene. Its chemical name is naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensation and it has strong dispersibility on cement particles. It can effectively increase the strength, compactibility, anti-permeability and other performance of concrete and lower water-binder ratio. It has excellent effect on preparing large-fluid concrete, cast-in-place concrete and precast components. It can comprehensively improve all kinds of properties of concrete.

I. Property 
1.Appearance: sepia liquid 
2.Solid content: liquid ≥ 40% 
3.PH value: 7-9
4.Density: 1.23-1.27
III. Main technical performance 
1.Save 10-25% cement with same strength and slump of concrete. 
2.Increase initial slump of concrete by 10cm, water-reducing rate is 15-25% with water-cement ratio unchanged. 
3.Increase strength of concrete by 20-60% for its remarkable early-strengthening and strengthening effect on concrete. 
4.Comprehensively improve workability and all physical and mechanical properties of concrete. 
5.Good adaptability to all kinds of cement and concrete admixtures. 
6.Applicable to the following concrete engineering: Flowing concrete, plasticizing concrete, steam-cured concrete, anti-permeable concrete, waterproof concrete, natural curing prefabricated concrete, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, high and ultra-high strength concrete 
IV. Application scope 
1.The admixture compounding plant prepares all kinds of compound concrete admixtures. 
2.All types of concretes with high strength, large-volume and large fluidity. 
V. Precaution 
1.Recommended mixing amount: 1.2-2.0% of the total gelled materials 
2.Method for adding: mixing with concrete and then stirring; adding this mixture after concrete being mixed with water will be better. For other requirements, please operate according to the related provisions in the Technical Code for Application of Admixture in Concrete (GB50119-2003)。 
(1)The concrete trial-mix test shall be conducted before using it or being mixed with the other additives.
(2)Please pay attention to the accuracy of test measurement and temperature effect on the early-stage concrete performance. 
(3)Enhance the early-stage maintenance on concrete. It is forbidden to eat. 
VI. Package and storage 
1.This product is non-ignitable, anti-freezing and pollution-free and ensures safety during transport, storage and usage. 
2.Shelf life: 2 years. 


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