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What is the effect of superplasticizer on concrete?

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Superplasticizer concrete admixture concrete is one of the frequently used, it can be in the same concrete workability and the dosage of cement, reduce water consumption, and can improve the strength of concrete. So, you know, superplasticizer has what effect? To introduce the following.

Superplasticizer can effectively reduce slump loss, improve the fluidity of concrete. In the past in the use of concrete superplasticizer are generally pulp the ordinary water reducing agent, water reducing rate is very low, with the development of science and technology, the concrete quality requirements more and more high, high performance reducing water rate appeared, the efficiency in the use of superplasticizer can be very effective to improve the cement, saving a lot of cement dosage and increased liquidity. In addition, superplasticizer can prolong the concrete curing time, the construction is more convenient, but also to control the temperature of concrete.

Mixing cement mixed with water, it will produce hydration reaction, some flocculent structure, and therefore better did not improve the solidification of concrete workability, can better meet the high temperature area construction of concrete. In the use of superplasticizer, can make cement internal clearance volume decreased significantly, the concrete strength will be more close to the concrete compressive strength is greatly improved.

It can be seen that the superplasticizer for concrete is the construction process has a very important role, it can be in does not change with water under the premise, improve concrete performance, but also will not affect the construction of the concrete conditions.

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