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Mr Ma Li Tao, chief engineer of Xuzhou singular building materials technology co.,ltd

2015-11-25 08:00:05 Clicks:


Raising the slogan “waste recycling, zero emissions” , leading Xuzhou singular building materials Co., Ltd to step out on one green road


One non irritating smell, no pollution, pollution-free, non combustible new polycarboxylate superplasticizer has been manufactured; The reaction system has been independent researched and developed with low temperature and low pressure, in the winter, during the process of production, utilizing electric heating instead of boiler heating, thus will ensure environmental protection, low emission requirements; low speed rotation equipment will reduce noise pollution caused by plant reactor and the conveying device, plus the noise is mainly distributed in production area. Outside of the production area, there is no noise; the construction of sewage treatment pool, setting up of waste water recycling equipment, waste water generated in the production process will accept a series of treatments, thus wastewater can be reused in the production process and this has really realized the purpose of reuse of wastewater; the construction of circulating water equipment, recycling water will reduce the consumption of groundwater, repeated recycling will conserve water resources; the use of solid material conveying device has special processing area, and the processed solid material will be directly delivered into the reactor, this method will reduce odor and dust pollution in the production area.

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