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  ISO 9001 certificate: Issued by the Beijing New Century Certification & Inspection company ISO 9001 quality management system certification. This certificate says that Xuzhou Singular building materials Technology co. LTD qualified standard construction materials of the sales qualification.
Valid Until : 17 June 2018
  CRCC certificate: Issued by China Railway ministry certification & inspection authority the railway supply qualification certificate. It author Xuzhou Singular Building Materials Technology co. Ltd qualified for China railway projection production and supply.
Valid until 27 May 2020
  CCC certificate: The China national compulsory product certification certificate issued by China certification center Beijing national building union certification authority. This compulsory certificate Xuzhou Singular Building Materials Technology co. Ltd products implement China National compulsory qualification rules and regulation.
Valid until: 5 September 2016
  High Tech Enterprise Certificate: A High tech enterprise qualification certificate issued by Anhui Provincial ministry of Science & Technology. This Certificate Xuzhou Singular Building Materials Technology Co. Ltd (Also called: Xiaoxian Singular concrete admixture co. Ltd) are China National high technology industrial company, the high technology products of Singular plays very important roles for China national construction projects.
Valid until: 20 October 2017
  Trading license: This trade license is issued by Xuzhou Tongshan area city market supervision and administration of Business. The main business include concrete admixture, the heat preservation material, binaphthol etc. building materials production, trade and import & export.
Valid until: 14 October 2029
  CCTV co-operate partner: Designated Xuzhou Singular Building Materials Technology co. Ltd as a long term co-operation partner by the national China central Television (here call CCTV) channel network
Valid until: 12 August 2018